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Escape from bustling Moscow and discover the closest “Golden Ring” town – Sergiev Posad! This adventure will help you to experience and understand the differences between the Capital and the provinces surrounding Moscow. You will also see one of the largest monasteries in Russia, The Trinity Lavra, visit the Toy Museum, and enjoy authentic Russian food.

Trinity-Sergius Monastery (Trinity Lavra of St Sergius) is the spiritual center of Russian Orthodox Church. This lavishly decorated monastery, which means the same for Russian Orthodox as the Vatican does for Roman Catholics, attracts pilgrims from all over Russia. Founded in 1337, the monastery originally was a wooden church surrounded by several buildings. After the first church had been burned down, a stone cathedral was built, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. In 1742, after an imperial decree from Empress Elizabeth, the monastery was given the status of Lavra (a Lavra is the highest rank of Orthodox monastery; there are only four in all Russia). In 1744 the monastery was given its actual name.
The legendary monastery has recently celebrated the 700 anniversary of the birth of its patron saint, Saint Sergius from Radonezh, who is buried there. With his blessing, Dmitry Donskoy won a victory against the Mongols at the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, preventing Russia from being decimated.

There are about 50 buildings in the complex: dating from early medieval to the later 18th century. You will see Trinity Cathedral with icons made by Andrey Rublev, Assumption Cathedral, baroque bell tower Chapel-Over-the-Well, which is 88 meters tall. The museum complex, known as Konny Dvor, built in 1790, contains the permanent exhibition of ancient history of the city of Sergiev Posad, Russian Folk, and Decorative Art. Besides churches, pay attention to the Refectory, a glorious building with elaborate colored decorations, completed in 1692, and the ornate Tsar Palace of the same period, which later became the Theological Academy.

Feel the serenity and holiness of the place; enjoy the atmosphere. Be sure to take an empty bottle with you and fill it with holy water from the fountains.

Sergiev Posad is the birthplace of the most recognizable Russian souvenir – the Matryoshka Doll. The first Matryoshka was supposed to represent Russia, its people, traditions and culture, at the Art exhibition in Paris in 1900. There it received a bronze medal. Since 1904, Russian dolls had been mass produced in the factory in Sergiev Posad. Matryoshkas from Sergiev Posad have distinct features: relation of 1:2 between the width and height, bright floral ornaments painted in gouache, and outlined in black. The Toy Museum has a variety of Matryoshka dolls, created by Russian craftsmen from traditional manufacturing centers located in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and other parts of Russia. Sergiev Posad is well known for wood carving, and you can find a collection of Russian folk and Christmas toys here



Duration: 5 hours

Days: Wednesday

Starts at: 10.00

Pick up: Smolenskaya Metro

Drop off: Smolenskaya Metro

Included: tickets to Lavra


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avatar - Aug, 03, 2017 -


Wonderful town with lots of religious buildings and monasteries. The atmosphere of the town differs from that of Moscow, another town - another world, calm and beatiful. My mom and I liked the tour very much! Thank you!