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Enjoy beautiful Russian landscapes, woods, rivers and lakes. Take in a stunning view from above Gorenskiy Forest Park, located in the suburbs to the east of Moscow, in the Balashikha District. From the west Gorenskiy Park is bordered by the MKAD (Moscow Automobile Ring Road), a circular Moscow highway, which has 10 lanes, five in each direction; and a total distance 108,9 km. From the North Gorenskiy Park is separated from the forest massif of the Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island) National Park by Shchelkovskoye highway.

Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island) is one of the first national parks in Russia. It is also the largest forest within Moscow having an area of about 120 square km. The park is divided into three functional zones: a specially protected area that is closed to the public, an area for walking and sport activities, and a public area.

More than 500 types of plants grow in Losiny Ostrov and many are rare and protected by the Government. There are also more than 230 types of animals, , including dappled deer, roe deer, elk, and wild boar. Also present are more than 160 types of birds, including pheasant, grey partridge, and egret.

The source of the Yauza River is in the park.. There are many species of fish; the most common for this territory are roach, perch and pike.

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Flying time: 20 min

Helicopter: Robinson R-44 (max 3 pas)

Place: Gorensky forest, Elk island national park, Yauza river, MKAD

Total tour time: aprox 3-4 hours depending on the traffic


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avatar - Jul, 02, 2019 -

John K.

That was incredible! Flying over Moscow and watching the city from the bird\'s-eye view.

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