Moscow is the city of religions

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For many visitors of Moscow, our capital may seem only as a place of the Orthodox Christians. While there are over 700 orthodox churches we also have places where you could feel as if you’re in Israel or Germany. Moreover, could you imagine that this year, in 2017, around 200,000 celebrated Eid al-Adha in Moscow?

Moscow is a very cosmopolitan city.  Throughout history, our capital has welcomed people of various countries and of different religions. It’s certainly a very diverse city with it’s complicated and comprehensive history. Together we will explore how different cultures and religions get along here and what kind of impact Soviet Government had on them. We invite you to learn about world religions presented in Moscow along with their contribution to the Russian culture. In the beautiful historical center of Moscow, we will visit:

  • Moscow Choral Synagogue  –  the main and the oldest synagogue in Moscow, which is located right in the center of Jewish life
  • Moscow Cathedral Mosque  – the main mosque in Russia and one of the largest in Europe as it’s able to accommodate up to 10,000 people. It was rebuilt only two years ago in 2015 with $170 million in construction costs
  • The Church of St. Louis of the French –  the abbot of this Catholic church refused to meet Napoleon in 1812
  • Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul   – a lutheran  church in the German Quarter that  has a rich and complex history. For a time it was converted into a  movie theater, and later it housed a filmstrip production company.
  • and, of course, Orthodox churches – St Vladimir’s Church, Church of All Saints na Kulichkakh  and a  monastery Ivanovsky Convent which one of the oldest convents in Russia. It was that used to be a prison for dangerous state criminals



Extra Hour price: 1700 rub

Min group- 2

Discounts for the groups (4 and more)

Duration: 2-3 hours

Days: any day

Starts at: 10:00-13:00

Pick up: hotel

Drop off: center

Not Included: metro tickets


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