Communist Moscow

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Learn about the history and hardships of the Soviet Union on this 3-hour Moscow tour.

For more than 70 years Moscow was the capital of the huge Soviet empire. The streets of the city are still full of prompts of the communist regime.

First we visit Lenin’s Mausoleum – the burial place of one of the most influential communist leaders in the world.

Then we proceed to Lubyanka to see the notorious headquarters of the KGB. Now it houses a branch of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Russia’s current security agency. On the other side, in the park near the Polytechnic Museum, the monument to victims of Soviet repressions “Solovetsky Stone” was installed. The massive granite boulder was brought here from Solovki, where in 1919-1933 was Solovecky prison camp, and in 1937-1939 – Soloveckaya Special Prison.

In the end of our tour, you will accompanied to VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). It has no analogues in the world. The complex includes more than 500 permanent structures. Nowadays it is one of the largest exhibition areas in Russia. Constructed in 1935, it is a perfect demonstration of the Soviet architectural style.

You`ll pass the hotel “Cosmos”, the largest in Russia, with 1777 rooms in different price categories. It was built to serve the XXII summer Olympic games held in Moscow in 1980. The majestic 25-floor hotel building can accommodate up to 3,000 people, it has semicircular design. As you walk to VDNKh, you will be shown a famous Soviet landmark – “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” monument, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (outside).

We offer an extended tour of VDNKh also (optional). You`ll see different pavilions (including pavilions of the ex-USSR countries), the actual life size rocket, a Buran Space Craft, Friendship of Nations fountain, which was created to glorify the people of the Soviet Union, the Amusement Park, the Stone flower Fountain, the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument and much more, learn about  history of VDNKh, the heroism of the builders, the current status of this unique place.

If you`re interested in space exploration, you cannot pass by the Museum of Cosmonautics. The museum contains a wide variety of Soviet and Russian space-related exhibits and models, which tell you about history of flight, astronomy, space exploration, space technology, space in the arts. The museum’s collection holds approximately 85,000 different items.

If you want to know about ordinary people`s life, who fell victims of the Soviet repression and were sent to labor camp, you should entrance the Gulag History Museum (optional), which was founded in 2001. It tells stories about creation the first labor camps, the formation of the Gulag system in the 1930s, the mass deportations in the 1940s.The museum shows a reconstruction of some aspects of the camps, including barracks, a punishment cell, an investigator’s office, a guard’s watchtower, a stand of propaganda. The major part of the collection consists of art works, made by prisoners, their clothes, dishware, instruments.



Duration: 2 hours

Starts at: 11

Pick up: Lubyanka metro station

Drop off: the City center

Included: metro tickets




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